Branch Network

Bank Rahni Iran which is the fundamental essence of Bank Maskan was established on 15th January , 1939 and commenced its operations in its central branch (located in Naderi crossroads in Tehran). This branch was composed of Bank Melli Iran employees, managers, and location . The current location of central branch of the bank (located in Ferdowsi Ave. of Tehran) which was constructed by municipality for holding artistic ceremonies, after some changes was used as the first branch of the bank and now is running as the central branch of Bank Maskan .

During 1939, Tehran central branch and Mashad central branch were opened respectively. Also during 1940 two other branches (Tabriz central branch and Isfahan central branch) were opened .

In 1979 , Bank Maskan had 97 branches and 66 sub branches. Following the Islamic revolution and incorporation of Bank Maskan , some social events outshone the housing issue . Immigration from rural areas to cities, the increase in the number of cities, the rise in population , etc caused the increase in demand for housing and then the rise in house prices.

Following this phenomenon , Bank Maskan as the only specialized bank in housing sector had to tolerate a great pressure and play an important role to solve the housing problem. Thus giving financial services was subject to expanding branch network all over the country.

Considering limitations in the bankُs financial resources, expanding branch network caused the increase in resources through the customersُ deposits , and so the bank could grant more facilities.