Qarz – Al – Hasanah Checking Account

First section- current Qarz- Al- Hassaneh account opening general terms and essential documents

1-1-1-     General terms

1-1- Any individual who has completed his/ her 18 years of age or has had his/ her majority- reaching certificate issued by the court can open an account in his/ her own name

1-2- Not having a background of bounced check and noncurrent debt

1-3- Introducing an individual as a proxy for a specific individual

1-4- The authorizes signatories can open an account for legal entities

1-5- Opening an account requires accepting the conditions and signing all the relevant papers and the account opening sheet (attachment number 7)

1-6- Two or more people (legal entities or natural persons) can open joint accounts with the bank. The shares of each of the partners and the proportion of each party’s share must be definitely mentioned when opening a joint account. Otherwise their shares will be considered equal.

1-7- The withdrawal order will come from the account owner or his/ her legal representative through issuing a check.


1-1-2-  General Documents

 A- Natural persons

- Certified copy of a valid identification card (national card or birth certificate) of the account owner which must be certified in the bank in the presence of the relevant employee

- Valid passport and permanent residence or work permit in case the account opener is a foreigner

- In cases where a joint account is being opened the partners must take measures in filling out and signing the attached form of the contract (attachment number 1) and determining the proportion of the shares of the partners and the manner of withdrawal from the account in addition to filling out the account opening sheet

- Regarding the foreigners’ addresses and postal codes, the bank branches are obligated to take measures in following the executive Regulation of the Law of Anti- Money Laundering  and its relevant instructions such as “the manner of sending the credit institution’ clients’ deeds and documents to their postal address”.     

B- Legal Entities

-  The legal entity must be registered within the country and in the Companies Registration Authority or it must be a company which is on the verge of being established.

-  In case of companies which do not need to be registered in the Companies Registration Authority, the evidencing documents in this respect, and also the legal liabilities and authorities of the authorized signatories which have been created due to special regulations must be presented to the bank by the applicant

- A copy of the Articles of Association or the Memorandum of Association of the legal entity and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Official Newspaper which has printed the first notice of the company’s registration, the notice of the latest changes and the names of the Authorized signatories

-  A copy of the certified copy of the national cards and birth certificates of the authorized signatories

-  Presenting the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for embassies and international institutions and organizations

- Not having the reputation of bad checks and noncurrent debt

- Opening current accounts for foreign legal entities is permitted only for their branches and agencies which have been registered in the Companies Registration Authority

- The registered central office of a company must be the one to open current accounts for its branches. The applicant can grant the right to withdraw from the account to his/ her representative/ representative in the branches of his/ her company in case the Articles of Association of the company has prescribed it.


Second Section- Specific Documents and Conditions for Opening Current Accounts:

-  Introducing at least one of the clients who has a current account with the bank or is known by the manager of the branch as reference in order to open an account

-  Inquiry (not having a background of bad checks, closed account, facilities) from the Central Bank (according to the current regulation of the bank) in the name of the account owner, the proxy, the trustee (or both) and in case of legal entities in the name of the legal entity and the authorized signatories (both) is mandatory

-  Having a reference from amongst the bank’s clients who is trusted by the branch manager or introducing one of the governmental organizations of relevant foreign embassies which approve the identity and the account opener applicant is mandatory in case of foreign natural persons

Obtaining the approval of the applicant’s address